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Leonardo Da Vinci-500 YEARS FROM DEATH

8 Mar 2019 - 14 Jul 2019
Leonardo Da Vinci-500 YEARS FROM DEATH

2019 is the year of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. This special event is celebrated with a year full of exhibitions throughout Italy with the possibility of retracing the whole life of the Genius!

Here in particular in Tuscany the events that concern him:
Florence anticipated the celebrations by opening an exhibition dedicated to the Leicester Code at the Uffizi Gallery in 2018 and lasted until January 20th. In this exhibition it was possible to admire the manuscript loaned by Bill Gates, browsable with multimedia technology, and the sheets of the Codex Atlanticus directly by the Ambrosiana of Milan.
Also in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi on 8 March they inaugurated an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo’s master, Verrocchio, and will last until 14 July. This exhibition also shows drawings by Leonardo along with his studies. Other exposed masters are Botticelli, Perugino and Ghirlandaio. Click on the link to the site: Verrocchio, maestro di Leonardo
At Palazzo Vecchio it is possible to visit the Leonardo and Florence exhibition which will last from March 29th to June 24th. This is one of the most representative exhibitions of Leonardo’s genius because it concerns his deep connection with Florence. And precisely in the name of this bond, his city celebrates it today 12 sheets chosen from the Codex Atlanticus, twelve papers written by Leonardo, coming from the Ambrosian Library: Leonardo e Firenze

Also in Florence was also announced the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci and botany” in the complex of Santa Maria Novella which should take place between September and December.

In Vinci, in the native village of the Master, will be presented:
– Leonardiano Museum / Castello dei Conti Guidi. In the museum dedicated to Leonardo, also the site of a permanent exhibition from April 15th to October 15th 2019, the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci. The origins of the Genius “which presents his first dated work, the Landscape lent by the Uffizi, and the notarial book where his grandfather Antoniò marked the birth of Leonardo, on 15 April 1452.
– Foundation Rossana & Carlo Pedretti. In the Villa Baronti-Pezzatini, until May 5, 2019 the small and precious exhibition Leonardo designed by Hollar (a seventeenth-century Bohemian artist who studied Leonardo’s drawings). The exhibition Leonardo Scultore will follow, where it will be possible to admire the Archangel Gabriel, the only sculpture of the Master. And from 6 September to 6 January 2020, Leonardo’s L´Orfeo exhibition. Scenes, parties and costumes, to celebrate Leonardo as a set designer of theatrical performances.

At Anghiari the reason is the famous Battle of Anghiari of 1440, the protagonist of a famous and mysterious mural fresco that Leonardo had painted in Florence. In the village you visit the Museum of the Battle and Anghiaridove for 2019 two events are scheduled: Isgrò for the Battle of Anghiari of Leonardo (1 May-4 August 2019). Emilio Isgrò will create a work dedicated to the disappeared battle of Leonardo Da Vinci, and The art of government and the battle of Anghiari (1 September 2019 – 12 January 2020). The exhibition will trace the events of the Battle of Anghiari following the life of the personalities who had significant political or military roles and on the work of Leonardo Da Vinci for the subject of the fresco.

Finally, in Prato, at the Textile Museum, until May 26, the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition is organized, ingenuity, fabric: an original story about the work done by the Master regarding textile art, with the development and study of machinery dedicated.

A year dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci!

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