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Jova Beach Party-Viareggio

30 Jul 2019

mar, 30/07/19, 14.00 Spiaggia Muraglione
Molo Marinai d Italia, 55049 VIAREGGIO

Jova Beach Party-Viareggio

Jova Beach Party arrives in Tuscany!

The highly anticipated new Jova Beach Party 2019 tour arrives in Darsena on July 30th from 14:00. More than a stadium, more than a sports hall, more than a festival, much more than a concert, it will be a temporary city, a beach village, a new concert format, a happening for the new time. JOVA BEACH is on the beach. There is the sea, music, people, life.

But not only … The WWF will be a partner of the Jova Beach Party in the summer of 2019 to raise awareness of as many people as possible on the subject of plastic at sea, one of the greatest emergencies of our time and the Technical Table provided for by the Protocol has been activated. ‘Agreement between the Coast Guard and the WWF Italy, which provides for the elaboration and implementation of “joint programs of communication and environmental education on the protection and protection of the sea resource” and “to disseminate and stimulate virtuous behavior aimed at protecting the sea ‘marine and coastal environment’. The Technical Table, in fact, will allow a continuous comparison to make an event, so unique and complex, usable and safe. Those who want can make a donation at the following address: WWF con Jova Beach Party

Ticket Price Single Seat: € 52.00 + Presale
Children: under eight years of age, on the date of the event, they are entitled to free admission if accompanied by their parents or guardian, with a valid admission ticket, with a document certifying the age of the child and certify parenting.

Produced by Trident Music For all the info click on the link->Jova Beach Party

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