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Viareggio is an Italian district of 64.564 inhabitants in the Lucca province, Tuscany.
The city was born in the first half of XVI century, when it was the only window on the sea for the Lucca Republic. In that age the Matilde Tower, the most ancient building of the city, was built as a defensive fortification in 1541 from the Viareggio people, to fight the threat coming from the barbarous privateers.
Viareggio is well known not only to be a nice seaside holiday city, but also for the popular Carnival, began in 1873, with its great floats made of papier-maché, that parade along the main walking avenue of the city. 
The official Mask is “Burlamacco”, created in 1930 by Umberto Bonetti. During the show there are as well collateral parties usually from Friday to Sunday. 
Viareggio is also known for its eclectic buildings, liberty and deco style, and to be the city of famous artists like Lorenzo Viani, Federico Bagnoli, Alfredo Catarsini, Renato Santini, Mario Marcucci, Eugenio Pardini, Inaco Biancalana, Galileo Chini, Alfredo Belluomini, Giorgio Michetti e Luisa Cellai.
The city is an active industrial and artisan center, especially in the ships manufacturing, well known in all over the world. As well the fishing and the floriculture al very important.
Viareggio is the headquarter of several prizes and shows like the “Viareggio Répaci literature prize”, found in 1929, the “Viareggio sport prize”, found in 1985, and the “World Carnival Trophy Viareggio”, found in 1949.
Even the Festival Gaber is a very importat show, in memory of Giorgio Gaber, with popular artists from the Italian music overview (since 2004).
The city is as well known to be the birthplace of the director Mario Monicelli, the actress Stefania Sandrelli and the former Italian national football team manager Marcello Lippi.



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