The Tuscan Maremma

endless landscapes await you

The Maremma is a vast geographical region that stretches for about 5000 sq. Km. The Maremma is unique in its kind because it is included between Tuscany and Lazio and overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. This particularity offers a very different region with breathtaking landscapes that stretch from the mountains to the hills to the rocks and beaches. We can find completely different colors as we visit it because the gentle forms of the hills, the crystalline blue of the Sea, the black of the rocks of Talamone and the gold of the beaches of Castiglione della Pescaia together form a great panorama that will not end never to attract your curiosity.

It includes the central part that goes from Grosseto to Monte Amiata, the Metalliferous Hills and up to the middle valley of the Ombrone and finally the coastal strip between Piombino and Cecina pushing in Lazio up to Civitavecchia. The territory is flat and the climate is mild.

In addition to these fantastic breathtaking landscapes, it also offers great food and wine made of typical products, extra virgin olive oil and fantastic wines. The most representative dish is the Acquacotta, the symbol of the art of making a virtue of necessity because every housewife used the products of her garden and the cheese of her flock, so there is no single recipe.

The Maremma is a place to visit in all seasons, endless tours and things to do are waiting for you immersed in nature, food and wine, sports, sea and mountains. A very wide choice that will make your holiday unique!



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