The small Athens

Pietrasanta is an Italian district with 24.931 inhabitants in the Lucca province, Tuscany.
Is the administrative center of Versilia and an important center for the marble and bronze manufacturing, junction of sculptors coming from all over the world.
Thanks to a tidy historical center, rich of monuments, this village has turned, along the years, into an art city, with several galleries and great seasonal shows in the Duomo square and the Sant’Agostino church.
Rising to Capriglia and Capezzano Monte, two little villages at 350 meters on the sea level, you can enjoy a nice view on Ligure Sea and Tirreno Sea, with a landscape that extends from Palmaria Island, in the Spezia gulf, to the Livorno coastline and Gorgona Island. In the sunny days you can easily spot the Elba Island and the Corsica.
In Vallecchia you can find the Santo Stefano “pieve”.
Strettoia is a separated hamlet from the rest of the municipal district, thanks to the Senator Montauti from Lucca, whose sponsors where the Counts Siemens-Schuckert, living in Lucca, owners of a part of the coast pine-woods.



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