The city of the marble

Carrara is, since ever, nkown as the city of the marble. Its identity is strictly connected to the precious bright stone, estracted from the quarries in this district since the Roman age. Certainly, naming Carrara means recalling the marble and the quarries, that whiten gold so well known by artist coming from every place in the world during every age of history.
The most ancient area of the city was the “Pieve di Sant’Andrea”, that now is a Cathedral; during the XIII century it was protected by great city walls, that contained as well the Rocca and the Palazzo Comunale.
You can’t miss to visit the Malaspina castle, a very important symbol of freedom for this city and the beautiful Marble Museum. This museum was open in 1982 and, inside, you can enjoy a charming and interesting portrait of the local heritage, starting from the roman archeology until the most modern sculpture techniques, in marble and other materials.
In Carrara you absolutely have to visit the amazing Apuane Alps park. These mountains, unique in the world, are in 60km along Versilia, Lunigiana and Garfagnana and is it know not only for the beauty of its marbles, but also for the stunning quarries, for the breathtaking view on the sea and for the deep abysses among of them.



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